Are you spamming Twitter? spam and aggressive behavior rules

Twitter doesn’t allow its users to spam anyone. ‘Spamming’ has a wider meaning when twitter is concerned. They can also add new rules to deal with new tricks and tactics used by spammers. We will discuss the current spam rules of Twitter:

twitter spam 2

Following and Unfollowing

You might be spamming if you have followed and/or unfollowed a large numbers of of users in a short time. It is more severe if that is done by automated means.

You also can’t follow and unfollow people repeatedly. Spammers do so to attract other users’ attention to their profile or gain more followers.

Spam Links

If you constantly post links and don’t post personal updates, Twitter might suspect you are spamming. So, you need to add your personal updates.

Twitter users can also report spams. If there are a lot of complaints against you, you might be punished for spamming. 

Misleading links like affiliate links and links to malware/click jacking pages are also defined as spamming.

Are you Blocked ?

If large number users have blocked you, you might be considered a spammer by Twitter.

Duplicate contents

Same contents in multiple accounts. A lot of duplicate contents in the same account. A large number of duplicate @replies. A large numbers of duplicate mentions. Large number of unsolicited @replies or mentions. Adding large number of unrelated uses in lists. Repeatedly creating false and misleading contents in Twitter is also one of the ways to be flagged as a spammer. Posting unrelated updates to topics using # tag, trending or popular topics or promoted trend.

Favoriteing and Retweeting

Randomly clicking on the favorite and retweet button in excessive amount can also flag you as a spammer.


Repeatedly posting other users’ account information in your timeline might also qualify as spamming. Other users’ account information include bio, Tweets and URLs.

Misleading accounts and misleading account interactions are also spamming.

Selling or purchasing account interaction like followers, favorites, retweets are also not allowed.

Using third-party services to gain more followers, and promoting such services is also spamming.

These rules are compiled from the Twitter rules. If you are not sure, please refer the Twitter link on the left.


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