How to know somebody is following in Twitter?

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Q. How can I tell if someone is following me on Twitter without checking in the "Followers" list?

Thanks Anish,

You can see who your followers are how many of them are following you are given in your profile.  But, if you want to check is an individual is following you or not, go to that person’s page. And see if it has a "Message" button.

A message button will be there if the person is following you, as you can direct message them. Otherwise the person is not following you.

The following two screenshots are from pages of two persons I follow in Twitter. The first has reciprocated my following and has followed me back. So, I can send a message to the follower.


The second friend hasn’t followed me. So, there is no "Message" button.


This is one of the questions Twitter’s Help Center doesn’t answer. The official answer to this question is:

Twitter sends you an email when someone new follows you…. The followers link on your profile page or home page’s sidebar will also tell you how many followers you have.

Answer by – Anand Sharma


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