Apple’s special event on September 1

apple_2010_media_event Apple has issued media invitations for a special event on September 1, 2010 for reporters, bloggers, and analyst. The event will announce new Apple products and services.

The announcement is as mysterious as ever, leaving room for speculations and rumors of the the probable announcements. A clue – a photo of a guitar with an apple shaped sound hole – might be telling that the event will be media-centric.

Apple will hold the special event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. It was the same place where Apple introduced the iPad in April this year.

Some of the announcement options might be:

New iPod Touch : Following the tradition, announcing a new iPod every September and back-to-school giveaway of an iPod  Touch with every laptop, it can safely be assumed that a new iPod will be released on the day. A high-contrast retina display, a forward and rear facing camera, new form factor following iPhone, and higher speed processor are some of the prevailing expectations.

Touchscreen iPod Shuffle – Apart from iPod Touch, other iPods might also get touch screen in the new announcement.

$.99 TV shows Rentals – Apple is told to be in negotiations with the major U.S. TV networks to offer TV shows via iTunes for 99 cents per episode.

Apple TV – Rumors of a $99 Apple TV is going around for some time and it might materialize at the Sept 1 event.

A 7-inch iPad – In addition to the current 9.7 inch model a slightly smaller iPad model with a 7-inch screen might also be unveiled at the media event.


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