Apple’s ‘little more’ event and iPad mini rumors

Apple is announcing some products tomorrow (on October 23). The teasing tagline in it’s invitation card, "We’ve got a little more to show you," is expected to mean a ‘little device’ – the smaller iPad. Although the device is expected to be named ‘iPad Mini’, some tech pundits have also suggested a new name – ‘iPad Air’.


The new mystery device, based on rumors, will most likely sport a 7.85-inch screen (not a retina display) and is most likely cost in $250 to $329 price range for the base model. The base model is also expected to have a 8GB on-board memory like Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire.

The smaller iPad is expected to feature A5 chip as in the new iPod Touch and the current iPad. An updated 10-inch iPad however might featured the latest A6 chip. The new device is expected to reach the store shelves on November 2.

In addition to smaller iPad, a number of other devices are expected to updated in the media event. Some of the expected updates include MacBook laptops with Retina Display, iPad, and iMac computer.


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