Apple’s latest antenna target – Droid X

iphone-page After the report published by Consumer Reports about the iPhone 4 antenna problem, it seems, Apple has taken the issue a bit more seriously. After the iPhone 4 press conference last week, Apple has posted a few new pages on the issue in its website including, new antenna performance page. The page highlights how several other smartphones experience similar attenuation (decreases of signal bars) to that of the iPhone 4.

The performance page initially featured smartphones of Research in Motion (RIM), HTC, Samsung, and it’s own iPhone 3GS. Recently, Apple added the Nokia N97 mini to the page. It looks like, Apple has no plans of stopping, Apple has posted signal attenuation video of Motorola’s recent release Droid X in the page and also in the YouTube site. The description on the video reads:

In our tests, the Motorola Droid X dropped from 3 bars to 0 bars when held in a way that attenuated the signal.

Droid X, a Google Android phone, has been seen as the latest and strong competitor for the iPhone.


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