Apple TV – More than a hobby now

apple-TV Apple’s hobby is no longer a hobby with the release of the current Apple TV. Steve Jobs hopes to make the hobby a business with the introduction of new device and cloud-based streaming of TV shows and movies.

Apple slashed the price of the current model by half and physical dimensions were slashed by more than a half. The tiny WiFi and Ethernet TV receiver sports the Apple A4 processor, the same processor used in iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads.

Apple TV can be used for film rentals, YouTube streaming, playing iTunes music and photos from from the computer, and comes with Apple Remote. iPhones and iPods can also act as remote on the WiFi network.

With the release of this model Apple has stepped into the cloud based movie rental business. For a price of $4.99 the  users can watch Hollywood movies. The 99-cent rentals of TV shows is only available for the TV shows of Walt Disney Co’s Disney/ABC Television Group and News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox for now. Previously, the TV shows on Apple devices used to cost as much as $2.99 an episode.

Apple couldn’t convince the major television producers like CBS, NBC, ABC, Warner Bros, and Sony Pictures in the 99-cent rental deal. But, Steve Jobs is hopeful for their commitment in later date. It will all depend on the popularity of the device. It is to be noted that at such a low price, entire season of a popular show would cost less than that of a DVD release.




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