Apple replacing Intel chips in Macs?

intel_mac_apple_arm_battleIn a latest report, Apple might be preparing to replace Intel chips with it’s own processors in future versions of Apple computers.

Traditionally Apple used to run on chips manufactured by Motorola and IBM, before it switched to Intel for their higher speed performance. Although Intel’s processors are powerful, they are power hungry. That is the reason most of the mobile devices including Apple’s own device, run on ARM based chips.

Apple designs it’s own processors used in its flagship products like iPhone, iPad, and iPods. But, Mac computers Intel’s x86 architecture that are quite different from the portable devices that run on ARM based processors.

If the new report is true, it will be a big loss to Intel. At the time when, Windows is no longer Intel exclusive (its Windows RT run on ARM processors) and ARM based tablet are eating major PC market, Intel can’t afford to loose any more market share.


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