Apple October 22 media event – new iPads, keyboard cover expected

Apple is going to release some new products in the media event scheduled to be held on October 22, 2013.

Not much is known about what Apple releases on the day but, according to the rumors there is high chance that the following new products will be announced.

apple announcement

The most expected product is the new version of iPad. The design of iPad5 is expected to follow that of iPad Mini. The new iPad is expected to be thinner, lighter, 64-bit processor, and a fingerprint scanner like the one on the 5s.

The invitation graphics talks about ‘cover‘ and there is rumor that the new iPad cover might also feature a keyboard. Keyboard is essential for productive works. A cover with keyboard makes perfect sense after Apple announced to offer iWorks suite for free to the new device users.

iPad Mini is also expected to be updated with Retina Display. There is high chance that Mini be colorful like the 5c. After the release of the new version, old Minis are expected to remain in market with a cheaper price tags.

apple ipad

iPod Touch was upgraded last year and a 16GB version was recently introduced. So, we don’t expect any new updated of iPod. But, Apple can always port the iPhone 5c style colors to the Touch too.

Apple is expected to announce it’s new operating system Mac OS Mavericks tomorrow.


Although wearable product from Apple had been in the rumor mill for some time, a chance of Apple releasing a Smart watch is still slim. After Samsung released its watch Galaxy Gear and faced lukewarm response, Apple’s smart watch rumor has stopped and we don’t expect any such product from Apple anymore.

macbook pro

There is a chance that Apple might upgrade it’s Apple TV black box but, a full TV screen seem unlikely at this time.

MacBook Pro also needs a new upgrade to incorporate Haswell processors. So, there is a high chance that Apple might release the new laptops on this event.

In the last month’s event, Apple released iPhone 5s with finger print scanner and iPhone 5c as we expected at that time. Apple didn’t release any new iPad,  iPods, iWatch, or Apple TV in the event.


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