Apple iPad event – The new iPad

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[UPDATE]Apple held the special event and announced some new products. Notable among them is iPad – named “The new iPad”.  Notable features of the new iPad are:

  • A retina display with a groundbreaking resolution of 2038×1536 pixels
  • A5X microchip with quad-core graphics that makes the device incredibly fast
  • upgraded cameras (5MP back camera) with better sensors and the ability to shoot high-definition video
  • a voice dictation service
  • 4G, or LTE, compatibility
  • iPad2 16GB $100 price slash
  • All Apple’s software upgraded for the new device with an addition of new software iPhoto


Apple is holding a special event to announce iPad and other devices.

I will update the outcome here and update my iPad rumors checklist too.

Tim Cook told – Apple has three post-PC devices: iPod, iPhone, iPad. And post-PC devices made up 76% of Apple’s revenue in 2011. Apple has its feet firmly planted in the Post-PC future.

– Apple TV – New UI full 1080p – price same $99 – available next week (March 16)

– iPad – Retina Display -2048 x 1536 (3.1 million pixels, 264 ppi), A5X processor is confirmed, quad-core graphics, Home button is there. Comparing to a Tegra 3 – A5x is “twice as fast” and “four times the​ performance”
– iPad – 5MP camera – 1080p video recording, voice dictation, 4G LTE, 10 hours of battery life and 9 hours on 4G.
– Same price – available March 16 in US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan. Pre-order starts today.
– Apps – iWork updated (Pages, Keynote, Numbers each $9.99), GarageBand ($4.99), iMovie ($4.99), iPhoto (new, available today at $4.99),
– iPad2 – $100 discount and will continue! 16GB WiFi at $399.

I have removed the links – they might not work after the event is over. Live feeds on the event can be obtained from any of the following websites:

A forum user ‘iEvolution’ wrote about Apple events (it is so true):

So the typical cycle begins….

– excited during announcements
– some features dont get announced
– people complain about how lack luster the event was and what is missing
– people claim they wont buy it because it is missing x
– people buy it
– it breaks records
– rinse and repeat for next event

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Feb 17, 2012

Apple iPad 3 rumors – high resolution to be released in March 1st week

Nobody is sure if it is called iPad3 or not, but the next generation iPad is going to be released in the first week of March (probably on March 7). Few of the important things that might be featured in iPad 3 are:

  • High resolution “Retina” display featuring twice the resolution of iPad 2 (full resolution of 2048×1536).
  • Bigger battery – probably better battery life
  • Better camera
  • Better graphics and processing power
  • 4G LTE networking

Of course, none of these specification are confirmed but, many of them are  based on the data collected from supply chain and leaked parts iPads.

Apple is known to surprise people by omitting some of the oblivious and offer unexpected added benefits.



iPad 3 logic board leaked

Chinese site WeiPhone posted a photo claiming to be the logic board of iPad 3 showing an “A5X” written on the chip. The forum post indicates that the new processor in upcoming iPad won’t be A6 processor as rumored. Although the image can be of a test model or a prototype, the date code says “1146” – meaning the processor was manufactured in the 46th week of 2011, i.e. third week of November.


Now, it is also uncertain whether it will be called an iPad 3 or an iPad 2S or something like that. Let’s compare the iPad 2 logic board. The following image from iFixit website shows iPad 2 logic board with A5 processor on board. Comparing the two, it is clear that the new logic board is much more compact with less empty space in it.


Posted on Feb 28, 2012 @ 13:11

Apple special event scheduled for March 7, 2012 – iPad3 expected – my fact-list

Updated: March 7 ticks and crosses added. New post on the media event.

Well, it is fun to follow Apple rumors. I had been bombarded with various speculations and rumors. I am creating a checklist to see how many of those rumors held good by March 7 (this post will be updated on that day).


Today, immediately after the financial network CNBC incorrectly claimed that the Apple event will be held in New York, Apple announced the event, to held in it’s usual location in San Francisco. The network corrected itself by saying – New York will play a “key” role in next week’s announcement.

Rumors confirmed:

  1. tick Apple special event to be held on March 7, 2012
  2. tick – Apple special event to be held in usual Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Calif.

Incorrect assumptions:

  1. xApple special event to be held on Setve Job’s birthday (February 24, 2012) – Economy Daily
  2. Apple event to be held in NYC (as claimed by CNBC, and Dalrymple’s reply )

More unconfirmed rumors (Some are still unclear):

  1. New iPad to be named “iPad 3”
  2. Quad-core processor in iPad
  3. tickFaster dual core processor with enhanced graphics in iPad
  4. tickNew processor to be named A5X
  5. New processor to be named A6
  6. tick Retina Display in iPad (a resolution of 2,048 by 1,536 pixels)
  7. $80 premium to the price of iPad
  8. tick 4G LTE connectivity in iPad
  9. 8 MP camera in iPad (though, a 5 MP might be enough)
  10. More tapered edge in new iPad
  11. An 8-inch iPad
  12. tick Apple will also release Apple TV set top box (Macrumors)
  13. new iPad to be 0.8 mm thicker ( rumor)
  14. Near immediate availability of announced product (9to5Mac)
  15. Absence of home button (Gizmodo)
  16. Will it be called iPad HD ?
  17. New Smart Cover to include a rear cover to protect the iPad’s aluminum backside (Ars).
  18. tick New iPad to be released in initial launch markets on March 16th (Fox News)
  19. 1 GB RAM (last minute rumor)
  20. $99 Apple care plan (last minute rumor)

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