Apple dream – Tablet on every home…

apple_creative_event The apple tablet is gearing towards reality with the confirmation of the rumored January 27 special event. The invitation only event will featuring Apple’s “latest creation” will start Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 10am Pacific Time.

With recent development of events and news quoting “unnamed sources” it is an open secret that the event will release an Apple tablet. In addition to the tablet, Apple most probably will release iPhone OS4 and iLife 2010 to make them compatible with the tablet.


Apple with its much hyped tablet will seek to change the way television, news and books are delivered to consumers. Amazon Kindle seems to be feeling the heat: it has adopted the 70-30 share of revenue on books it sells online – identical to the business model employed by Apple with its App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The iPad, iSlate, iTablet or whatever name Steve Jobs will find most suitable, will be more like an all-round device unlike Amazon Kindle. The tablet can be a book reader, a TV, video player, a computer, personal notepad, and a cell phone. The subscription based text book also sound exciting for the students who line up to sell their used book at the end of each semester for a fraction of the price they had paid.

In the last, post I talked about five basic features Apple tablet needs to succeed in the market. I will go through the list again on January 27th keeping in mind that Apple has a track record of going against the tide and succeed. Most of the time it is not only the features that sell, cost also can play a great role. A recent survey found that most of the people are reluctant to pay more that $700 for the device.


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