Android gaining market share in expense of other mobile OS

ComScore published its quarterly mobile subscriber market share report that tracks total smart phone subscribers for the three months. The report says that 53.4 million US residents own smart phone. That was 11% increase from the previous quarter.

In the report, among the top five platforms, only OS gaining the market share was Google’s Android. Android saw its market share rise from 12% to 17% of the US smart phone market.


The leading mobile platform is Research in Motion, Blackberry with 39% market share, followed by Apple iOS with nearly 24% market share. Both of them had a decrease on their share by more than 1%. Palm remained unchanged at 4.9% market share in the period.

The trend indicates a rapid adoption of Android platform in mobile devices in the near future. With the release of Android powered tablets, it’s market share is expected to surpass that of Apple.


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