Technology has stepped-in in every step of modern lives. We have many options to do a job and most of the time we are not aware of them. It took me about a day to get to know my new mobile phone – and it still has many features I have never tried. I don’t know if they are useful or not but I won’t bother as long as my necessities are fulfilled. But there are times when I need something out of a device and I play around for hours only to find that it was right there … I could have found it in seconds. That is ok with me as long as I find what I want.

It is not always the case. Sometimes one won’t find something even searching for hours or days. Or sometimes one won’t have time to search for it. Well, that is life! But thanks God there is internet to search around. When you find the solution you feel like you share it with others so they won’t have to go through what I went through.

This blog is collection of such in-life experiences of my dealings with technology. I won’t promise to update it regularly but I will surely write when something new comes on.

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