A rare, apology of Apple CEO Tim Cook on the half-baked iOS 6 Maps

apple_maps_logoCook tells Apple’s customers that he is "extremely sorry" that the Maps app for iOS 6 didn’t work as well as expected.

Cook recommended that iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch customers can download competitive map applications such as Microsoft’s Bing, MapQuest or Waze. He also suggested using Google Maps or Nokia through web app by using an icon of the app.

The new map in iOS6 will still be working and improving until it is perfected for the user’s satisfaction. Tim Cook would have saved the apology if Apple had released it as a ‘Beta’ to start with.


Many argue that, if it were Steve Jobs he would never had recommend Microsoft or Google as an alternative to Apple’s own inferior product.

Link to the Tim Cook’s apology post in Apple’s website.



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