5 WordPress Plugins to promote your best contents in your own blog and outside

wp-pluginsThese are the Top five plugins I have found to be useful in promoting contents of my blog. 

Promotion is the key to the success of any blogs. If you want more people to read your most important posts, you will need to advertise them (literally). There are some cool plugins that can help you promote your best contents and make it easy for everybody to find them.

The plugins I am going to tell you about will help you to boost your traffic, increase subscription. The first two plugins are useful to promote your blog outside your own blog. The remaining three plugins are used to promote the most significant posts in your own blog.

Share This

The future has something more than Google to increase traffic in your site. Social networking is huge and their importance can’t be ignored. A nice plugin from ShareThis has been quite popular in this aspect. It’s a single icon shows pop-up window to share the blog content to most of the popular social networks.

Google XML Sitemaps

Social Network is important. But, Google search is still the leader in lead generation to any website and hence the blogs should make sure that Google is notified for every new posts and content changes. The best way to do is installing Google XML Sitemap plugin. The plugin makes sure that every updates to the blog is notified to Google, Bing and Yahoo. The XML indexing of the blog makes it easy to the search engines to find the pages and index them.

WordPress Popular Posts

As the name says – it will display the most popular plugins in a sidebar widget. You have options to exclude categories, time ranges of posts, comments and so on.

Most Commented Posts

The popular posts get more comments and the comments themselves serve as contents themselves. So promoting most commented post also makes sense to retain visitors in your blog. This plugin helps to display the most commented posts to be displayed in a widget in the sidebar.

related-postsRelated Posts Plugin

After the visitor finishes reading your post, their option is to go to somewhere else. It would be a good marketing strategy to retain that visitor. The most helpful plugin in this regards is the Related Post plugin. The related posts are posted at the end of a post and displays most related posts in the blog. If the visitor had taken the time to finish the post, chances are high that visitor might read another similar post. So, this is a very important plugin. Unlink other similar plugins, I have found this plugin to be better in terms of server resources handling.


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