3 Tricks to Rank higher in YouTube Search Result

I have been producing YouTube videos for a while now. Based on my own experience, I am listing a three tricks that have worked for me. I am sharing these tricks as they are helpful to every YouTubers.

3 tricks fro youtube popularity

A few facts before I start:

  • Google owns YouTube. So, they use similar search algorithm. So, similar SEO techniques should work in YouTube too.
  • YouTube is also the second-largest search engine. Yes, top is Google – making it hold the top two positions in search engine.
  • YouTube is the largest online source of video content. That is , there are viewers out there waiting for you video content.

Like Google, YouTube also uses search ranking to determine which video goes to the top of search result.

1. Ask People to subscribe

More subscribers means more people will be notified about your new uploaded video. If some of them like it and share with their friends, good videos spread across easily. That is not all, YouTube also considers the number of subscribers one of the factors in determining the importance of the video in search result.

Asking people to subscribe in the beginning or the end of the video doesn’t hurt. You can also add annotations with a subscription link. When you share your YouTube channel link, make sure you share the subscription link. That helps people in subscribing your channel.

2. Optimize content for YouTube search engine and viewers

To get more people to view your YouTube videos, they need to find it. The trick is to give YouTube and the viewers enough information to identify the video they might be looking for. It is not only the video and it’s content, it is the title, description and tags. You should include the keyword in all of these places.

YouTube search engine is a computer. It can’t extract contents from the videos for search purpose. As it depends on the text you add with the videos – the additional texts that go with the video is very important.

likes comment and description of a video

The optimization for the YouTube search engine involves choosing good and relevant keywords. Using the keywords and optimizing the description and tags.

  • Use Keywords in the video title
  • Optimize the description and add keywords. You can add website or blog link in the description.
  • Add keywords in tags

3. Design and use attractive Video thumbnails

The viewers see the video thumbnail and make the decision on whether to watch it or not. So, more attractive thumbnails are viewed by many viewers.

Video thumbnails are the first impressions on the video or the face of the video or whatever you might like to call it. The thumbnail YouTube automatically selects from the video might not always be the good representation of the video. So, having a customized and a little bit of additional information is always helpful for the visitors.


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