3 – step process to be successful in YouTube

How do I grow as a new creator?

Before you start (or even after you start – start these steps as soon as possible):

1) Find a niche
2) Then find a niche within that niche.
3) Create content that doesn’t already exist, and that you would want to watch yourself.

If you follow these steps, I guarantee you will eventually find an audience, and more and more and more in a short time.

After you do the basic steps, you can push a little here and there to help it grow more. For example: you can promote your content in different places like social media and also spend some more time on thumbnails and titles.

How do I grow as after a little success?

After a while of creating video products, you will get and idea of what people are watching. Find the video that are successful and take advantage of that success. Make similar contents.

Do you aave a video that is doing well? If yes, build off of it. Recent successes can help you choose what content you make next. This can usually result in a snowball effect: you make a few good videos, they have good view numbers/engagement and youtube starts promoting your contents more.

Subscriber click-through is also an important metric in the success as a YouTuber – if a video does well, it will gain subscribers. Those subscribers will want to see videos of a similar nature, and are more likely to watch your video in the first few hours. Make sure, viewers do watch the video for a longer period of time. The key is, don’t make the start boring. If it is boring and they con’t continue watch it, YouTube won’t recommend the video to others. That is probably the ‘death spiral’ sometimes experienced by larger channels, when their content becomes stale.

No long intros, no ramblings

Start with a bang, make it interesting in the stat. I learned this the hard way. No 30 second intros, no rambling asking for subs and so on. Start with the content. Having people click your video, watch 20 seconds then click away, hurts you. You can always include those stuffs at the end and not hurt.

Yes, there are channels that do start with their own ramblings. But, what they do is they post videos FREQUENTLY or make extremely high quality, unique content.

Ups or Downs are temporary

You will have some ups and some downs. They continue even when you get larger. For example my new videos are under performing. Last month, they were OVER performing. I know both of these states are temporary.

When people grow and build more a bigger content library, the passive views from old videos can help soften or protect against these ups and downs. So, these ups and downs shouldn’t make you discouraged.

Ups or Downs are temporary but, in-term of your life as a creator, the trend is permanent. Sometimes it is a long up and short down or long down and a short up. But, they are always there. It doesn’t get easier after 100, 1000, 10,000 or 100,000 subscribers. Building up the channel is a work in progress.

This is based on a recommendation of EckhartsLadder at reddit.

A different approach!

And, another thought : It takes a human 21 days to form a habit, so if you do it interesting with a good quality, then it shouldn’t be hard to get views and subscribers. So, get people hooked is story telling with this 3-step formula:

1 set up
2 conflict
3 resolution

3-Marketing steps:

– Design a title to get the first bait
– A good description to tell what it is
– Set of tags suitable for search engine.


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