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  • How to – Youtube Screen goes green

    I was excited to watch a music video in YouTube. When I opened it up, the screen turned green. I could listen to the sound but the video won’t appear. Here is the explanation on how I solved the problem.


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  • Motorola sued over Xoom trademark

    xoom-tabletAccording to PC Mag, Motorola was sued by Xoom Corp. for using the company’s trademark to name it’s newly released tablet Xoom.

    Xoom Corp. is worried, when searching for Xoom in Google, Motorola’s Xoom comes on top of the company website – registered in 2003. The company registered Xoom trademark on December 14, 2004. Motorola is accused of trademark infringement, false designation of origin, unfair competition, false advertising, and unfair business practices in the law suit.


  • New MacBook Pros – processors, graphics and I/O improvements

    macbook Apple has released all new high end laptops today. The 13" MacBook Pro comes with dual core Intel i5/i7 and others (15" and 17") will feature quad-core Intel i7 processors.

    The new I/O port, seen first time in computers, Thunderbolt is told to be 20 times faster than the current USB 2.0 ports. It is told that Thunderbolt won’t appear in any other devices until 2012. That doesn’t mean MacBook doesn’t have USB ports. Thunderbolt is featured in addition to two USB ports. New FaceTime HD camera features three times the resolution of the previous MacBook iSight camera.

    For the gaming fans, the new MacBook come with integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor. They are told to be 3 times faster than that of the previous models. Other details and features are available in Apple’s official site.

  • Mobile Me to be free ? New MacBook Pro, FaceTime for Mac announced

    mobile-me Mobile me, Apple’s subscription-based collection of online services (Costing $99 per person) might soon be a free service.

    Today, Apple announced a new MacBook, Facetime for Mac and developer preview of OS X Lion. At the same time, it removed the new subscription of the Mobile Me services.

    Originally launched on January 5, 2000, as iTools, the current version automatically syncs email, contacts, and calendars over the air across all the Apple devices. One of the most popular use of this service is an application to help finding lost iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, or iPad). Last year the application was made free. Now, it is rumored that the whole Mobile Me package is going to be free.

  • Apple iPad 2 on March 2 – confirmed!

    march-2-event-ipad-2 Acoding to The Loop, Apple has sent an invitations to the media event to be held on on held on March 2, 2011 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.

    This announcement confirmed the rumor going around yesterday about the March 2 event and also proved that another rumor about delay in the release of iPad 2 was false.

    The iOS calendar icon image sent with the invitation shows the date March 2 peeling away to show an iPad in the background. It confirms that the event will be related to iPad.

    The features of the new device is tightly guarded by apple but many expect a front-facing camera, FaceTime video support, thinner form factor and a better processor, more RAM, a faster CPU, and improved graphics (although display might remain same). Some even speculate the removal of home button from the device.

    The first-generation device released in late January of 2010, beat Apple’s own expectation by selling more than 15 million devices in 2010. Even before the announcement of iPad2, the rumors of iPad 3 has already started with the release date somewhere later in 2011. This release will determine the future of other players in the tablet market like HP’s WebOS tabletVeer, Motorolla Xoom, Blackberry Playbook and other similar tablets.

  • The most popular online email provider in Nepali community – Yahoo

    The crown of the most popular email provider in the Nepali community goes to

    After the analysis of nearly 4000 unique comments in xNepali blog, we have concluded that Yahoo is the most popular email service provider with 66% market share, the distant second is with 13% market share, Google’s Gmail comes third with 11% market share among Nepali users.


    It is to be noted that (2% market share) is also owned by Yahoo. Other Yahoo domains like,, were also placed in ‘others’. MSN’s data doesn’t include, and so on.

    How did we do the calculation?

    I came across a plug-in in WordPress that can extract all the email from the comments in a WordPress blog. From the extracted comments, some clearly fake emails were deleted and the domains of the email were extracted. These domain names were used to do the statistical analysis.

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  • Xoom to be released on February 24, no immediate Flash support

    One of the biggest reason people might opt Xoom over iPad, Adobe Flash support, might not be available at the time of its release on February 24, 2011. The Android 3.0-based tablet

    The "fully Flash-enabled" tablet has a fine print at the bottom of the page that reads “Adobe Flash expected Spring 2011.”


    Screenshots from Verizon wireless website.


    It seems, the $800 tablet will have tough time competing with Apple’s iPad in spite of the current iPad model being one year old. With a lot of additional features in comparison to the iPad, it is to be seen whether the consumer will find Xoom worth the price.

    Some argue that Adobe’s inability to ship its product in time was one of the reasons Apple decided to drop it (I however, don’t have any evidence to prove it).

  • Obama meets Silicon Valley’s most powerful tech executives

    US President Barack Obama toured an advanced Intel chip fabrication plant in Oregon after dining the night before with Silicon Valley’s most powerful tech executives including CEOs of Google,Apple, Facebook among others.

    In the official Whitehouse photo below, President Barack Obama is seen toasting with Technology Business Leaders at a dinner in Woodside, California.


    Apple CEO Steve Jobs is seen sitting to the left of Obama and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is sitting to the right of Obama. It is believed that Steve Jobs has given the answer to the shocking news by attending the meeting.

    Also in the meeting were Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Genentech Chairman Arthur Levinson, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Stanford University President John L. Hennessy, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, and tech entrepreneur Steve Westly.

  • Sending money to Nepal – Thamel or Muncha ?

    One of our users asked the following question:

    Q. I want to send money to Nepal. One of my friends suggested to use or Which is more reliable to send money to Nepal?

    A. This was a tough question. We went to check both sites and our experience says that both of them are unprofessional and unreliable.

    First let’s see I registered an account with them and immediately the site asked me my credit card information. When I was going to enter the information, I realized the site is not secured.


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  • How to know somebody is following in Twitter?

    This question was asked by Anish Shakya through our new "Q&A section" in which we accept any types of question and try to answer all of them with the help of various experts in the respective fields.

    Q. How can I tell if someone is following me on Twitter without checking in the "Followers" list?

    Thanks Anish,

    You can see who your followers are how many of them are following you are given in your profile.  But, if you want to check is an individual is following you or not, go to that person’s page. And see if it has a "Message" button.

    A message button will be there if the person is following you, as you can direct message them. Otherwise the person is not following you.

    The following two screenshots are from pages of two persons I follow in Twitter. The first has reciprocated my following and has followed me back. So, I can send a message to the follower.


    The second friend hasn’t followed me. So, there is no "Message" button.

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