$200 Fancy LED lightbulbs, Apple store exclusive

hue-personal-wireless-lighting-systemExclusive to Apple stores, Philips has released fancy lightbulbs that can be operated remotely through smart phones to control the lightening in a home.

Called Hue, Personal wireless lightening system, the light bulbs offer varieties of shades of colors. To control the light bulbs, one needs to download a free app and setup in a mobile device. Personalizing light can be archived by creating time and space dependent lightening schemes that can be selected from a variety of photos or color combinations.

In Philip’s promo, one example of the light scheme for a child’s bed room in which the light changes from sunrise to sunset and different shades of white for study, relaxing and other fun times.

Notwithstanding the price, a whooping $199 in the US for a starter pack of three bulbs and a Hue bridge, these Philips light bulbs seems to be exciting and fun to have in a house.

200 dollar-light-bulbs


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