20 Online Project Management tools

project_managementThese are some of the hosted online project management software tools for business needs:

Most of these tools need a fee to use. All the links are direct links (no affiliate links)

Basecamp –  Basecamp is one of the simplest and a very popular project management tool. The web application is made on an open source web application framework, Ruby on Rails. The web application framework was initially created for internal use at 37signals, the company behind Basecamp, before being publicly released in 2004. One need to pay a monthly fee to use Basecamp.

Zoho Projects – Zoho project offers a wide range of applications in addition to project management tools. The projects include CRM, calendar, chat and a wiki.

Freshbooks –  Freshbooks is a popular invoicing application. The online application includes time tracking, task and project management tools.

Central Desktop – Central Desktop includes real time integration between Microsoft office and the central workspace.

Manymoon – This is a project management tool focused on integration with Google Apps, recently purchased by Salesforce

Deskaway – includes timesheets, calendar, contacts and a micro-blogging status update feature.

Smartsheet – project management, CRM and other features based around using online spreadsheets.

5pm – very colorful interface, and lots of features including time tracking, contacts and an iPhone app.

Teamworkpm – includes time tracking, contacts and calendar

activeCollab – includes invoicing, time tracking and email reports.

Ace Project – some HR and expense management features.

Teambox – includes a twitter style updates feature.

Feng office – includes time tracking, calendar and contacts.

Huddle – integrates with Microsoft office so you can save Microsoft files directly to a shared workspace.

Comindwork – includes Gantt charts, and a business wiki.

Nozbe – project management based around the David Allen “Getting Things Done” methodology.

Harvest – focused on invoicing and time tracking, a competitor to Freshbooks.

Wrike – some unique features such as the ability to create and update tasks via email and timeline view of project plans.

Goplan – includes a twitter like activity stream.

EGroupware – Consists of multiple installable applications and includes a calendar app, address book, eMail, project management, timesheet and others.


5 thoughts on “20 Online Project Management tools

  1. I quickly assessed the capabilities of these systems, and I think this system could be useful to many companies. We also liked the free version http://www.teamwox.com and rich functionality and we would like to start working with him. Does anyone know how to export tasks from one system and import it into another?

  2. Great list! Another project management application I would recommend is Trakeze, http://www.trakeze.com/. The fully-integrated online application includes easy-to-use project planning, project tracking, task management, requirements management, time tracking, CRM, and collaboration tools.

  3. Thank you for the list. If I may add you can also check out this blog for more project management tools. Yeah, I love Manymoon and Basecamp these are two great software I used in my freelancing career. Again, thank you for a great sharing!

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