$149 Chromebook, less than $100 Chromebit

Chine manufactures Haier and Hisense have announced cheapest Chromebook yet, at $149, to preorder from Amazon and Walmart.com.


In another news, Asus plans to release the Chromebook Flip, a convertible Chrome OS device at a price of $249. The device is told to be 15 mm thick and weights less than 2 pounds.

Asus also plans another device called Chromebit, a Chrome OS computer in a HDMI device. The dongle can be connected to any TV with HDMI port to use as a computer. Although the exact price is yet to be announced, Asus expects it to cost under $100. These devices use ARM Mali-T764 quad-core GPU processor.

According to Google, more Chromebook devices will be released by various manufacturers including Acer, AOpen, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and LG. These devices are expected to be priced between $200 to $500 range.


With these exciting devices coming in the market, computing is sure to be fun and interesting. I believe, there would be new uses and opportunities with cheaper and innovative designs.


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