11,000 iPads for United Airlines Pilots Flight Bags

United Airlines has announced that it is converting flight decks to paperless by deploying 11,000 iPads to all the United and Continental pilots. The electronic flight bags (EFB) replaces all the paper flight manuals.

With this paperless move, United has become the first major airline network to transition to paperless aeronautical navigational charts through an iPad app.

It has been less than a month since the airlines started distributing iPads to its pilots. The airlines has plans to have an iPad by the end of the year. 


The iPads are loaded with Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck that can serve all the navigation information and worldwide geo-referenced terminal charts.

Before iPad, a flight bag used to contains an average of 12,000 sheets of paper per pilot – approximately 38 pounds in weight. The replacement, iPad, however weighs only 1.5 pounds. iPad hence is more environment friendly by saving as many as 16 million sheets of paper (1,900 trees) and saving 326000 gallons of jet fuel by weight reduction per year.

It looks like, iPad is going to replace a lot of other stuffs in the coming days!


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