+1 Button – Google’s new social push

googleplusone Google has realized the potential of social networking and it has been trying to create a better social networking feature to counter Facebook. Although several of Google’s previous attempts (Buzz, Orkut, Google Me, Wave etc.) failed to create any significant  impact in social circle, it hasn’t given up.

Yesterday, Eric Schmidt admitted that he screwed up over social networking and today Google has released a new social feature called "+1". +1 is similar to the Facebook “Like” button, but it integrates itself directly into the Google search, the world’s biggest search engine.

Google says, a click on +1 is a “public stamp of approval,” and the user will be associated with that link for every Google products. Now, it is to be seen if a person is willing to commit such a huge responsibility!

Some 2 million sites are using Facebook’s Like and Google wants to get in there by offering an option for the publishers to install the button in their site.

I am wondering what will Digg, StumbleUpon, or Reddit will think about this new Google feature. I can also see SEO and privacy complexity to follow the release of the this new feature in Google search.

Following video shows how the button works.


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